Nederlandse Ambassade in Singapore en Brunei, Singapore

Lecture Nobel Prize in Physics Prof. Dr. Gerard 't Hooft

Colonisation of Planet Mars, and other high-tech projects

27 jan 16

Imagine what can be done with tomorrow's advanced technology, today's futuristic dreams may well approach reality.

Considering what is possible today already, the company called 'Mars One' is now planning manned trips to the surface of Mars. Although, inevitably, obstacles are to be expected, their plans and investigations of what can be done in principle, are noteworthy, as they are investigating all conceivable aspects of having a manned colony on Mars.

Other high-tech projects could change the face of the Earth rather quickly: a Dutch entrepreneur knows how to plant vegetation in the most arid areas, and this could be used to bring desertification to a halt, returning to mankind grounds that once used to be fertile, but have changed into deserts over the ages.

This lecture is to encourage the use of cutting-edge scientic knowledge ad technological inventions to solve complex challenges.

Colonisation of Planet Mars, and other high-tech projects

  • Wednesday 27 January 2016, 7pm—9pm
  • NUS Lim Seng Tjoe Lecture Theatre (LT27), Lower Kent Ridge Road
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27 januari 2016